Why Restock with Farmed fish?

A fishery’s fish population is one of it’s most valuable assets.

To safeguard your stock it makes sense to restock from a biosecure fish farm with current CEFAS health status.

Stock from a ‘fish dealer’ may have been held in holding tanks and mixed with fish from other sites. This is a sure fire way of spreading disease to all of your other stock. Where have all of the fish come from? How certain can you be of their origin? What diseases and pathogens have they been exposed to?

Minimum handling

When you place an order for our fish, the fish are moved from their pond to the fish house for sorting and quality control 48 hours prior to their delivery to your business. We stock them at densities that minimise the stress and ensure that they do not suffer any water quality affects.

Selective breeding

Our fish are selected for their growth and vigor. The barbel, chub, ide and F1 hybrids are year round hard feeding fish to give you great catch rates for your anglers. You can see from our photographs that they are beautifully fin perfect. Our mirrors have fabulous scale patterns and will grow HUGE.


Our farm has the highest possible biosecurity status awarded by the Ministry. If you buy our fish you know where they have come from, We can even tell you the name of the person who counted them into the bag or transport tank.

Not Hook Shy

Our fish have never seen a fisherman’s hook. But they will have developed a very competitive and confident feeding response on the fishfarm. When they arrive at your fishery they may take a day or two to acclimatise to their new environment but they will actively compete for any food available and are guaranteed not to be hook shy.


Please contact us to discuss your stocking needs. It will be a pleasure to discuss your requirements. We don’t always have a person in the office, so if we don’t answer the phone immediately, drop us an email or leave a message and we’ll get in touch asap.