Bio security

Our site at Bowlake Fish Farm has 40 purpose built drainable ponds. Water is supplied from a biosecure borehole pumped up from the chalk aquifer some 90 meters below ground.

Our broodstock originate from exclusive bloodlines. We have been selecting for many generations to produce stock with specific colours, scale patterns, growth rates and vigor.

We occasionally need to introduce new bloodlines to provide new strains and to avoid inbreeding. This is carried out in an isolated biosecure off site hatchery that ensures no contamination by external pathogens. All procedures are carried out as per CEFAS guidelines before any new lines are introduced onto the farm.

Every year all our ponds are drained, completely dried and finally disinfected before re-flooding for the new stock. Our fish and fish farm currently enjoys the highest Biosecurity rating. For more detail on Biosecurity see the industry guidelines published by OATA.