Barbel are one of our country’s finest sporting fish. They are very popular. We mostly sell fish up to 12 inches in length. Contact us if you wish for us to grow on even bigger ones for your fishery. Over the past 30 years we have stocked this species all over the country in both rivers and stillwaters.


Growth and spawning

They naturally breed in rivers but just like the trout they actually grow bigger and faster in stillwaters. We are frequently asked whether barbel will breed in stillwaters and to date we have no evidence to suggest they do.

Surveys of our customers show that they have the potential to grow from 6-8 inches to 10lbs in as little as 4 years.


Suitable waters

Barbel thrive in stillwaters with plenty of oxygen. They are very robust fish and integrate well into a mixed fishery. If you follow match fishery results you can see that barbel are a key species in the catch reports. They feed hard all months of the year. If you have any doubts as to whether they will thrive in your fishery please contact us. They can be stocked all year round.