Although this species is non-native to the UK, ide have been widely stocked into stillwater fisheries across the UK over the past 20 years as they are great all year round feeders. They are a hardy species that will grow up to 4 lbs. They complement both ‘mixed and ‘match’ fisheries.


Breeding and quality

In 2013 we embarked on a project in partnership with a large Yorkshire fish farm, Carpvale Fisheries. We breed the ide and grow them for a year (2-4″) and they are then moved to Yorkshire where they are grown on further (6- 8″). We usually have a small surplus that are available that we sell at 4-10”.


Colours and patterns

Ide are an interesting species as they are the wild ‘non coloured’ variant of the golden orfe which have been a popular garden pond species for decades. Like the roach and rudd the Ide have fantastic vivid red fins.