Koi are the iconic coldwater ornamental fish. The fish we produce we sell at a quality and a price to suit a wide variety of markets. We sell fish from 2–14 inches in size (1-3 years old).


Standard Mixed Koi

We sell mixed koi from 2 – 12 inches. As young fish their colours are still developing and many of them will continue to improve considerably over the next few years of their life, evolving into truly stunning colours. The range of colours will be varied as we attempt to produce a pleasing and distinctive mix which will enhance any pond.


Select Koi

These fish are the best 5% selected from the first year stock. By the time they reach market size they will be 2/3 years old and from 6–14 inches in length.

We like to produce a wide range of colour to provide a pleasing mix.


C Grade Pond Fillers

This standard of fish is only sold small (as 1 year old fish 2–6 inches in size). These fish are not good enough in colour to make our standard mixed koi grade. We sell them to you at very competitive prices to tempt some of your customers who are looking for something cheap and cheerful at a truly bargain price. They always sell well, particularly at the beginning of the season.


Breeding and quality

Most of our koi are from lines that have been bred at New Forest Koi but the breeding lineage comes from Japan. We don’t pretend that our koi will compete with Japanese Grade A fish but they have fantastic colours and a lovely body shape. By rearing them in the UK our fish will not have endured the stress of air travel and will be conditioned to our environment. They will be strong and healthy and are keenly priced.