Why Buy British Fish?

For well over a hundred years cold water ornamental fish have been imported into the UK. Until the 1980s that was the only choice, but our knowledge of breeding ornamental fish has caught up with the rest of the world and now a handful of home producers compete with the best.

Being a British fish farm we are obviously going to promote home grown fish. You would expect that wouldn’t you? But what are the real issues with imported fish?



British fish have grown slowly and are consequently stronger and more vigorous than imported stock. An imported fish is not conditioned to our environment. The massive changes in water temperatures and water quality often trigger outbreaks of infections, ulcers etc. which can result in considerable losses.

Transport stress

Our fish are moved from their ponds to the fish house for sorting and quality control 48 hours prior to an overnight delivery to your business. We stock them at densities that minimise the stress and ensure that they do not suffer any water quality effects.

Imported fish have to be heavily stocked into bags to save on airfreight costs. They will have had to be lifted and loaded in and out of transport many times with all of the associated impact and stress.


Our farm has the highest possible biosecurity status awarded by the Ministry. If you buy our fish you know where they have come from, we can even tell you the name of the person who counted them into the bag!

Often imported stock have been grown on small farms, moved into collecting stations and mixed with fish from maybe dozens of other producers. This is a sure fire way of spreading disease to all of your other stock. Where have all of the fish come from? How certain can you be of their origin? What diseases and pathogens have they been exposed to?

Low Carbon Footprint

Greener fish for your pond all round! Our fish are farmed in a pond environment where the water quality is maintained by the sun’s photosynthesis and the natural nitrogen cycle. Unlike imported fish, our fish don’t have to travel round the world before they end up in your tanks or ponds.

Help and Advice

We have been farming fish since 1985 and have seen and resolved many a problem! On the very rare occasion when there is a problem contact us. We are always able to help you and we try and make it a pleasure!