Goldfish represent the top selling species on our farm. The attraction of our English bred goldfish is that they are free of ulcer disease, Winter hardened and have an excellent survival rate for trade and retail customers alike. We guarantee our fish to be healthier than any imported stock.


Breeding and quality

Goldfish in its many forms are the most popular fish sold in the UK and accounts for at least 75% of fish sold over the counter, which is why we produce around 100,000 goldfish per season.

Goldfish are an interesting fish to breed for several reasons. They become sexually mature very rapidly, often in their first year. When they spawn the resultant offspring are all born brown.

In the U.K. after approximately 8 weeks the small fingerlings start to show evidence of orange pigment which very quickly covers the entire fish. By the end of the summer most of the fish have tuned into ‘goldfish’ but a percentage may take another season to fully change.


Colours and patterns

After many years of selective breeding we now produce a delightful and interesting mix of traditional English, Comets, and some Sarrassa Comets. All of these will be mixed together and sold as a batch.

At certain times of the year some fish that are changing from their brown form to orange also produce a lot of black pigment which set against the red and white looks very striking. This black does fade after a year but the resulting fish is left with particularly deep red colouration.