These are a very popular surface feeding fish for garden ponds. They look spectacular in a shoal. As an ornamental fish orfe are produced in 3 distinct colours - golden, blue and silver. We sell them in large numbers from 2- 8 inches. Often in late April larger sizes of surplus broodstock are available in limited numbers. Give us a call if you wish to have some reserved.


Golden Orfe

This very popular pond fish is a colour variation of the common Ide (Leuciscus idus), a fish naturally found in lakes and rivers in mainland Europe. It loves to swim in shoals and can look really spectacular darting around the surface of a garden pond


Blue Orfe

This unusual colour variant of the ide displays a striking dark blue hue. It can be readily mixed with its golden cousins. It also loves to dart around in shoals close to the surface.


Silver Orfe/Ide

The silver orfe is the natural colour of the Ide. Although these fish are mostly stocked into lakes for angling (where they can grow up to 4 lb), they will still mix happily with their cousins in a garden pond. Very suitable for those owners that prefer to keep more of a' wildlife' pond