Hampshire Carp HatcheriesHampshire Carp Hatcheries is a family run business that was started in 1985. We produce 13 species of coldwater ornamental and coarse fish in a range of sizes. The photograph of our site shows 40 purpose built drainable ponds. Water is supplied from a biosecure borehole pumped up from the chalk aquifer some 90 meters below ground.

Our broodstock originate from exclusive bloodlines. We have been selecting for many generations to produce stock with specific colours, scale patterns, growth rates and vigour. We occasionally need to introduce new bloodlines to provide new strains and to avoid inbreeding. This is carried out in an isolated biosecure hatchery that ensures no contamination by external pathogens.

All procedures are carried out as per CEFAS guidelines before any new lines are introduced onto the farm. Every year all our ponds are drained, completely dried and finally disinfected before re-flooding for the new stock.

Our fish and fish farm currently enjoys the highest biosecurity rating. For more detail on biosecurity see industry guidelines published by OATA.

Health Monitoring

Our fish are routinely monitored for common parasites and when necessary are treated following the national veterinary code of practice and CEFAS guidelines. We are regularly visited and monitored by CEFAS to guard against serious virus diseases. All restocking coarse fish are additionally health checked by certified pathologists providing genuine health certificates in line with current Environment Agency legislation.

Range & Continuity of Supply

We try very hard to provide an exceptional service and continuity of supply over the season. However, whilst we cannot guarantee this continuity for all sizes, we can keep you fully informed as to their availability which is constantly updated on our price lists that can be sent on request. Get in touch to find out more.

Quality Control

All fish are harvested from ponds as required and dispatched to customers within 2 or 3 days. They are consequently plump and strong even in early spring. Prior to dispatch they are tanked in our fish house for careful inspection and treatment to remove skin parasites. Each fish is counted by hand to ensure accuracy and quality control. There is NO cooling, anaesthetising, long term starving or long distance transportation. Our stock will arrive healthy and virtually stress free.


During the early farming process we rear our own live food for the fry using locally produced organic manure and fertilizers. We buy in some specialised diets that are carefully sourced from suppliers that are actively involved with using sustainable plant proteins and oils. Our fish carry NO air miles! Most importantly, buying British fish from us supports the UK’s economy and our rural environment.

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Support & Guarantee

We are confident that you will not find a better product and service than ours. Our fish are competitively priced and come with exceptional health and Biosecurity status. Our newsletters provide our customers with a regular update on new developments. Businesses can contact us or visit by prior arrangement to discuss specific needs and requirements. If there is ever a problem with any delivery we are on hand to provide a personal service to resolve the issue and replace any stock where necessary.